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Cobra Braiding Machines

Cobra manufactures and supplies braiding machines and braiding equipment that are used in a variety of worldwide markets. These include automotive, aerospace, medical, engineering and narrow fabrics companies. Customers range from multinationals to owner-managed businesses in the following areas:

90% of the braiding machines are exported with recent sales to countries such as USA, Mexico, Portugal, Belgium, Rumania, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


Cobra can also offer something which is unique – an enclosed adjustable tension spring – in the carrier used in the braiding machine. This is of benefit for technical braids where constant tension is required on the braided product.

The machines have two horngear sizes either 110mm or 140mm. The most popular is the 110mm horngear diameter model.

The carrier is purpose built to meet the needs of each customer and their yarn or wire package requirements.

Established in 1981 the current shareholders of Cobra represent the fourth generation of the Hyde family involved in the manufacture of braiding machinery.

Cobra customers require machines that produce high quality products to demanding specifications. With the unique carrier and the versatility of the machines, Cobra is in a position meet those requirements.

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